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Monday, June 29, 2009

Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan

Monday, June 29, 2009

MYSTERY: The chicken shit of Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini

By Marlborough Man

Malaysian Insider is a pro opposition news portal set up by Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan and cronies which is trying its best to paint a poor picture of Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak.

In every news they report they put the anti government spin. In the case of Sodomy 2, Malaysia Insider is clearly pushing the Anwar Ibrahim agenda by continuously trying to potray Anwar as a victim of yet more and more endless conspiracies.

The same can be said of Malaysiakini and of course Malaysia Today.

But let us revisit Sodomy 1 – which according to Anwar, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today and others was a complete conspiracy. They say the whole Sodomy 1 charge was conjured up, out of thin air.

Well we have just seen in this Blog (The Unspinners) videos being played which show or play audio of five different people (men and women) who say they have had sex or have been sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.

There are many names like Ismail Haron, Hairany, Mior Razak, Sukma Dermawan and a woman by the name of Norlaila.

Here is a fantastic opportunity for Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini to get the greatest media scoop in Malaysia since Merdeka. Any one of them can totally expose the Government’s conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim.

Just track down these five people Ismail Haron, Hairany, Mior Razak, Sukma Dermawan and the woman Norlaila and ask them to tell you how much money they were paid or if they were threatened or bullied in any way to say those things on video and audio tape? It will not be difficult to track them down.

Hairany was a lecturer in a university. Mior was a well known tailor. They can all be tracked down for sure.

Why don’t Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini and the other pro Pakatan news media just track down these people?

During Sodomy 1 it was also reported in Court that both Anwar and Syamsidar Taharin’s DNA were found on the mattress. Many people knew that Anwar was shagging Syamsidar for some time. For her services Anwar got his Chinese cronies to appoint Syamsidar (a tailoring graduate) to become a Director of a public listed commercial Bank!!

Syamsidar’s husband is Azmin, who is now the orang kuat of PKR. Why not Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini interview Syamsidar Taharin and get her to explode the myth that she had sex with Anwar? If it was all fake, this will be the easiest method to expose the gomen conspiracy.

Its another great opportunity to really embarrass the gomen. Do it lah. Don’t say that you cannot even track down Syamsidar Taharin? She still lives with her husband Azmin. What type of chicken shit media are Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini?

Anwar Ibrahim has sued Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan for claiming that he was sodomised by Anwar. But so are all these other people – they are saying it on video too. They said it in the Police Station and also at the office of Taib Azamuddin at the Masjid Negara. These are all public places. This means these five people have made public statements that Anwar Ibrahim sodomised them or had sex with them.

Why doesn’t Anwar Ibrahim just sue them?

And here is another strange fact. Anwar Ibrahim said that Sukma Dermawan Sasmitaatmadja was his adopted brother (adik angkat) who lived with him in the same house. That is why he went down to Sukma’s bedroom in the middle of the night – to check in on his adik angkat.

If that was the case why has Anwar’s family completely lost touch with Sukma Dermawan since 2000 ? When was the last time Anwar’s family (Wan Azizah, Nurul Izzah and even Anwar himself) made contact to check and see how their dear adopted brother Sukma was doing?

The fact is Sukma was not an adopted brother. He was Anwar’s homosexual partner living in the downstairs room. After all this news broke out Wan Azizah chased them all out of the house and out of their life, especially Syamsidar Taharin.

Few people know that Wan Azizah has put a permanent ban on Syamsidar Taharin ever coming to her house or joining PKR. Why don’t Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini go and investigate these little strange details? If Syamsidar and Anwar did not have sex, why does Wan Azizah call her the perempuan jalang (prostitute?)

If Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini want to show that they are really credible newspapers then follow up on all these 'embarrasing little details'. You are missing out on a great chance to expose the gomen.

But they will not do it because if you interview these people they may say more things which will embarass Anwar Ibrahim and you too even more. So you will do what you are good at - just keep up the spin.

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