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Friday, June 5, 2009


Friday, June 5, 2009

BLOG: Anwar's Sodomy: Wall Of Lies ?

By Hantu Laut
Thursday, June 4, 2009

Below is a letter from a regular visitor to my blog who suffers the same allergic reactions as I do when it comes to Anwar's brand of politics.


I think you already noticed that Anwar Ibrahim has started a trial in the media to disparage the police and prosecutors involved in his upcoming sodomy trial starting on 1st July 2009.

Excerpt from Malaysiakini a report from his ceramah at Penanti:

Sodomy trial II: The knives are out
Athi Veeranggan May 29, 09 12:31pm

The recent efforts to smear the reputation of former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim is to help shore up the attorney-general’s position ahead of July’s sodomy trial, said Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The sodomy trial, Anwar’s second in 10 years, will kick off on July 1 and the hearing will continue for three weeks.

Without deliberating much on the trial, parliamentary opposition leader Anwar indicated that he would certainly raised the issue of the alleged fabrication of evidence in his black-eye case during the trial.

AG Abdul Gani Patail and Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan are both embroiled in the infamous 1998 black-eye episode for allegedly tampering with evidence in the bid to protect the culprits who had assaulted Anwar while he was held in police custody.

“The personal attack on Mat Zain is an effort to strengthen AG’s position and defence in my upcoming trial,” said Anwar, the Permatang Pauh parliamentarian.

Given that the testimony of Mat Zain, who had led the investigation into the black-eye incident, would be vital, Anwar believes a concerted character assassination campaign is being carried out against the retired top cop.

He said the May 14 bankruptcy notice against Mat Zain was issued a month after the former CID chief had submitted an appeal to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission seeking a review to the findings of the three-member independent panel which cleared Gani and Musa of criminal wrongdoings in the black-eye incident.

Mat Zain’s bankruptcy order was widely reported in the media on Wednesday, which prompted the former chief investigating officer in the police force to suggest that “powerful hidden hands” were at work to destroy his credibility.

"It would only enhance my resolve to disclose the whole truth of the 'black-eye' episode. Believe me, this is not the only case the duo (Gani and Musa) had their fingers in. There are others which are just as sensational. The truth shall prevail," Mat Zain had vowed.

Speaking to journalists after a Pakatan Rakyat rally in Mengkuang Titi during Penanti by-election last night, Anwar described the smear campaign was to spook Mat Zain from testifying in the upcoming trial.

“I sympathise with him ... I know he is upset, and feel alone and embarrassed. (But) he has the courage from the very beginning to reveal the truth,” said Anwar, the PKR supremo.

Malays urged to reject ‘racist’ Umno

On July 7 last year, Anwar filed a police report accusing Gani, Musa and one Dr Abdul Rahman Yusof and Mat Zain of falsifying a medical report on the black-eye incident.

“The issue of fabrication of evidence involving top public officers in the country is a serious issue,” said Anwar.

Earlier at the political rally, Anwar slammed Umno of being intolerant of non-Malays where many of them were arrested during a series of candlelight vigils. He called on Malays to denounce such an arrogant show of power.

Anwar added that the recent police raid on DAP headquarters in Petaling Jaya exposed Umno’s racism where it is widely seen as an attempt to crack down on a leading predominantly Chinese party.

“Umno is trying to demonstrate that it can wield its power at will against the non-Malays. Malays should be ashamed of this.

“The Malay populace shall only revere a Malay leadership which has earned respect from non-Malays through its goodwill, not by abusing its power and acting unjustly,” he told the 500 mostly Malay crowd at the ceramah.

Anwar also questioned the sincerity of Umno in seeking to win over the non-Malay electorate on one hand while “victimising” them at the same time.

“Is this the leadership that the Malays want? A true Malay Muslim citizen should reject such leadership,” said the Pakatan leader.-- "
This is only a start, bro. I am sure Anwar will come up with all engines fired up in June this month to create a wall of lies and perception to smear his sodomy trial even before it began, during the proceedings and after the verdict has been pronounced. He is in a fight of his political life so nothing will be a sacred cow.

Eddy Daud

Eddy's analysis of the whole scenario is absolutely correct. His pre-empative action before the court case to disparage the AG and IGP were one clever ruse to influence the court of public opinion and to attract more sympathy for him that would expedite his political cause to be prime minister, by hook or by crook, doesn't matter, what matters is, he must be prime minister.

The question now:

1. Why didn't Mat Zain exposed the criminal act of the two accused when he first discovered it? Even though they may be his superior he has a duty to report any wrongdoings especially fabrication of evidence to fix an innocent person.Where was his conscience then?.Wasn't he equally involved in the conspiracy?

2. Being a senior police officer didn't he know money borrowed must be paid back and if he failed to do so the lender has the right to sue him and declare him a bankrupt or seize his property to make good the loan he took?

3.Can Anwar prove his accusation other than that based on the testimony of Mat Zain who has now become an unreliable witness and got an axe to grind against the AG and IGP?

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