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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Thursday, July 16, 2009

UNSPIN: MI's Chong report Bon to 'chong' the public

Oleh Malaysia Betul

The first para of Malaysia Insider Debra Chong's report yesterday on Anwar's first day in court tells it all.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 15 — His trial proper has yet to start but Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today complained he is being unjustly persecuted by a prejudiced prosecution handpicked by the bane of his life, the Attorney General.
The report, Anwar’s tribulations for show of proof in second sex case shows the two Singapore Intelligence operatives, Kalimullah and Brendan Pariah trying extra hard to steer the perception of the public and sympathisers into believing Anwar as victim of Government conspiracy. The report gave significantly space for the arguments by the defense lawyers but not for the prosecutor's argument.

Let's redo their report. First we place the prosecutor's argument first and highlight their main points.

Yusof, however, merely pointed out that the defence was trying to mislead the court to think the prosecution was bound to give everything ...

He stressed that the prosecution had in fact given the defence more than what is required by law, pointing out the medical report released ...

“... what we want to tender is subject to what’s admissible,” the Solicitor General II said, referring to the CPC laws (Criminal Procedure Code) ...

“In Section 51, you can ask for almost everything,” Yusof said.

“But Section 51A says you can ask for only copies of documents,” he added.

“A table is not a document. A chair is not a document. So, you cannot ask for copies of blood, ...

... under Section 51A of the CPC, the court has no power to order the prosecution to give anything or bar it from introducing other evidence during the trial.
We omit the arguments about justice is not served unless Sulaiman is replaced with a lawyer with 30 years of experiance. This is a hogwash excuse to buy more time. Finally, we take bits and pieces of arguments of the defense team, Edmund Bon and Amer Hamzah Arshad to request for evidences.

Bon, ... argued ... Article 5 of the Federal Constitution as well as Section 51 and subsection 51A of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) gave an accused person certain rights ... to enable fair defence. (That's rhetorical arguments and not factually complete.)

... the prosecution has only supplied bits and pieces of the proof, and that only after the defence chased them for it. (Merely their claim and last bit is just drama)

... demands, including a complete video recording from the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras at the apartment block ... (Why technically he need a complete recording? Explain la)

“... without these documents, ... records, we’re unable to argue our case properly,” he thundered ... (Another rhetorics?)

... right to check all evidence ... with their own panel of medical and scientific experts ... (This is bullshit. It is suspected the defense team has intention to tamper with evidences. Those experts can come as defense witnesses.)

“... this case is a political conspiracy. ... the complainant is someone who can’t be believed,” ... (He can't resist playing the conspiracy drama, can he? I thought lawyers deal with fact and evidences only? Its a different case for Human Rights lawyers.)

... Amer, ... expanded on the need for the defence to be given the chemist’s notes to show ... (Argue in court la, stupid)
Edmond Bon has no fact and technical points to support his arguments but is purely rhetorical in his arguments. But yet Debra Chong gave much space to him. This is a distasteful attempt to 'chong' the online public into believing Anwar as a Saint.

Anwar is a Saint, the Saint of Sodom and Gomorroh.

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