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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Be sorry or be sued: Anwar the traitor to DPM, Utusan

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has threatened to initiate legal action against Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasisn and the Umno-owned Malay daily Utusan Malaysia.
The PKR leader is seeing red over the daily's front-page report today which quoted the deputy premier calling Anwar a 'traitor' to the Malay struggle and accusing him of 'twisting facts'.
Muhyiddin had apparently made the remarks when officiating the Sri Gading Umno division conference in Johor yesterday.
In view of this, the opposition leader wants the deputy premier to retracts his remarks and make a public apology.
When contacted, Anwar's lawyer Sankara Nair said: "My client has expressed deep revulsion to such unwarranted and baseless allegations that he is a traitor to his own (Malay) race."
"This is wholly untrue, disgusting and absolutely malicious," he added.
In the letter of demand sent to Muhyiddin and Utusan, Anwar is also seeking damages of RM100 million from both parties.
The letter stated that the comments published portrayed Anwar as a dishonest person both in his private and official capacity and a liar as well as an untrustworthy person, an unfit politician and a traitor to the Malays, among others.
Utusan quoted Muhyiddin as saying that Anwar, who was once Umno deputy president, was resorting to deceitful tactics to ruin Umno's struggles.
He added that the opposition leader was spreading lies to create a negative perception on the special rights of the Malays and the monarchy.
"He (Anwar) is telling everyone that Umno is cruel but tell me in what way have we been cruel?
"Hence all the good we have done to develop this country over the last 50 years is no longer appreciated.
"There is no problem with criticising us, because we are not perfect, but I cannot accept it if the opposition insults or shows disrespect to the Malays," he added.

tunku : muhyiddin and utusan made mistake, they should add more when talking about anwar.he is not only traitor but also a sodomizer. utusan should carry the headline ANWAR THE SODOMIZER. he is a dishonest person both in his private and official capacity and a liar as well as an untrustworthy person, an unfit politician and a traitor, a melodrama queen and twisted tongue person. he is sueing everyone for 100million(his favourite figure).the reason he sues people is just to stop them from talking about his evil character,read here. take ISA as an example this is what he says when he was in the government about ISA,read here. what a moron.

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